Track All Your Analytics In One Place.

Create your own customized dashboards out of live snapshots from any website.

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Track everything you need in your own dashboards

Google Analytics, Slack, Trello, YouTube ad metrics, Shoppify stats...track it all in one place


Manage 87 tabs


Get stressed from tab overload


Lose focus

"very cool way to centralize your metrics and create your own bespoke dashboard without needing to know how to code!"

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Alex Damianou

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Track all your metricsin one tab

  • Refresh your snapshots as many times as you need. Unlike most data/metric reporting services, we do not limit your access to live data or charge more for it.
  • Easel on Chrome works on sites where you need to be logged in! (like Google Analytics, Slack, etc)

    You do not need to provide any login credentials. As long as you actually are logged in to those sites in your Chrome browser, Easel on Chrome will work.
  • Privacy is our top priority. Our Chrome extension has no visibility into any website you go to, unless you take a snapshot.

    But of course, words are cheap. That's why we open sourced our Chrome extension entirely. You can check it out here here
  • Customize your dashboards however you want. Move and resize snapshots. Put everything in one dashboard, or organize snapshots into many dashboards.


Focus on what matters, not managing tabs


Perfect for small projects



  • Unlimited Refresh
  • 1 Dashboard
  • 5 Snapshots

Free Forever



Perfect for larger projects



  • Unlimited Refresh
  • 3 Dashboards
  • 15 Snapshots

Billed Monthly. Cancel anytime.


Perfect for agencies with many clients



  • Unlimited Refresh
  • 10 Dashboards
  • 150 Snapshots

Billed Monthly. Cancel anytime.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • We follow industry standard security practices. All payment information is handled by Stripe. Your account data is stored in Supabase with strong RLS policies. Your snapshots are stored in private S3 buckets and can only be accessed via signedUrls.

    Our Chrome extension has no visibility into any site you go to, unless you take a snapshot.

    It's easy to say we value privacy, it's harder to show it. That's why our Chrome extension is 100% open source. You can view the repo here
  • Yes! As long as you are already signed in to that site, the snapshot and refresh processes will work. However, some sites, like banks, will sign you out fairly quickly for secuity purposes.

  • Yes! You can request features here
  • Yes, Easel on Chrome is currently exclusively works on the chrome browser.